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History of My Corvette:

1982 December - At the Riverside Raceway in California, Chevrolet previews the 1983 model Corvette, where the automotive press tests the car.
1983 This is the first year of the 'new' Corvette.
The only 1983 corvette that exists is in the National Corvette museum, 350 Corvette Drive, Bowling Green, KY 42101
Production of the 1984 model started in the spring and it goes on sale in march. My Corvette was built very early in the 1984 production run. It is #902 of the 51547 built, probably in the second or third week of production.
1986 December 29 - My Corvette clears customs in Sweden with 16341 miles on the odometer.
It was bought in Fort Lauderdale.
1988 April 14 - New owner.
The digital dash was replaced because of a malfunction.
1993 August 24 - New owner.
November 12 - New owner.
November 29 - New owner again.
1994 December 22 - New owner.
The whole Corvette had a new paint job with the original color.
1995 February 28 - New owner, EXLUSIVE CARS AB
March 13 - New owner
Added rear wing.
New paint job - BLACK.
New 87 Corvette rims.
ADS Superchip and low temp thermostat.
Replaced damaged rear drive shaft u-joint.
May 18 - New owner
1998 March - The gearbox broke down when a potential buyer test drove the Corvette.
April 4 - New owner - ME. I own my first Corvette!
I bought the car the same day it came back from the tranny shop.
The first week I discovered that it was leaking tranny fluid.
Later that summer the tranny shop had the leaky tourqe converter replaced on warranty.
1999 During the winter I replaced the steering rack.
Early in the summer when the tranny was supposed to shift WOT from second to third it stopped pulling ... I looked in the rear view mirror and there was a HUGE cloud. I pulled over and by the time I had stopped the tranny was out of oil. It was the the converter seal that had blown out of the tranny and all the oil went straight down onto the exhaust.
I now found out that the original transmission was not rebuilt. It was an 1986 transmission in the Corvette.
A local guy rebuilt the th700r4 for me and he said that it was not rebuilt a year ago. The converter bearing was worn and that allowed for too much oil to pass. The oil drain could not keep up and that caused a pressure to build behind the seal to push it out.
A lot of other parts in the the transmission was also worn so they were replaced.
2000 November 11 - Came home from Denver, Colorado with a Vortech V-1 supercharger.
2001 This winter I installed the supercharger.
April 26 - First test with the supercharger.
April 27 Before lunch - Installed the LT1 fuel pump to get more fuel capacity.
April 27 After lunch - I lost second gear in the transmission ...
This time I sent it to a good shop 500 miles away to rebuild it. He told me that this was not a Corvette th700r4 and some parts had to be replaced to build it to Corvette specifiations.
June 10 - Rear end broke. Bought a stronger Dana 44 to replace it.
End of summer - The Engine started to consume more and more coolant. I suspected a blown head gasket or a crack in one of the cylinder heads so I decided to pull the engine for a rebuild.
2002 Januari - I pulled the engine and removed the heads. I did not find anything wrong with them. I took the block to an engine builder here in town for a compleate check.
Februari - I bought a lot of new parts for the engine. AFR 190 aluminum heads, a new Cross-Ram intake manifold, Hooker super comp headers, new cam, lifters, roller tip rockers, new rings, bearings and gaskets.
Mars - I went to Houson Texas to visit a friend and I brought all the parts with me home.
April - The engine is back in the Corvette.
May - I moved the alternator to the passenger side and modified the supercharger bracket.
May 12 - The Corvette is back on the road again.
June 2 - Bearing faliure in the supercharger. I bought new bearings and rebuilt it.
June 15 - The temperature was too high for the ring gap and cause a portion of the top ring land to break on two pistons as the ring end butt and lock right in the cylinder. This was probably caused by a combination of running a bit lean on too much timing.
July - I replaced the pistons and installed the larger Cross-Ram intake. I also modified a Chevy Blazer wiper motor to clear the larger intake.
November - The engine is running again. I just pud it together so that it could pass the yearly emissions / safety check.
2003 Mars - I bought a pair of larger 90 pph fuel injectors.
April - I removed the A/C evaporator and modified the fan housing. I started the engine after the winter and after adjusting the valves 3 times I found a bad lifter.
After replacing that lifter I got the Corvette back in the road again. When I installed the supercharger again the transmission only lasted for a few miles. I parked the Corvette.
October - I bought a used 4L80E.
2004 I spent this summer building a new garage.
2005 I installed the 4L80E, TCI T-Com and Haltech E6K. The Corvette was running but not quite right. I readjusted the valves a few times but there was a valve tick that got worse by the week. When I removed the intake I found a cam lobe was almost gone.
I sold the intake and supercharger.
I bought a Holley Stealth Ram, a turbo and an intercooler instead.
2006 I installed a new cam and new lifters.
I built the turbo headers.
I installed the intercooler.
I modified the HSR to fit under the stock hood.
I made a new fuel system.
I bought some big brakes for the front and started to figure out how to mount them. I wanted to make the corvette run right before bolting the turbo on. I lost spark and bought a MSD 6AL and a Blaster II coil. I also converted to crank trigger.
When I finally started to get the engine sorted the tranny died on me again.
2007 It was the converter that had a total faliure. The whole transmission was full of aluminum shavings from the converter. I bought a Vigilante converter from Precision Industries. It was a 9.5" with 3200 rpm stall and multiple disc lockup.
In seprember I went to Optand, Östersund for a test and tune day.

60 ft = 1.75 seconds.
1/4 mile = 11.14 seconds @ 203 km/h (126 mph).
2008 Bigger turbo, more power.
60 ft = 1.827 seconds.
1/8 mile = 7.245 seconds @ 169 km/h (105 mph).
1/4 mile = 10.862 seconds @ 216 km/h (134.5 mph).
At the end of the summer the stock connecting rods gave up.
2009-2014 Building a new engine, 4.125 bore, 3.48 stroke and fuel system.
2015 Removed the old Haltech engine control and TCI transmission control.
Installed a new MaxxECU system.
2016 New radiator and new cold air intake to the turbo.
2017 New relocated wastegate.
In September the Corvette went on the dyno rollers.

6.5 psi boost: 650 lbs ft @ 4500 rpm, 593 hp @ 5700 rpm. ( over 550 hp from 4500 rpm to 6500 rpm )

The turbo is a bit restrictive on the exhaust side causing high exhaust pressure and it get's worse at higher boost.
21 psi boost: 950 lb ft @ 4700 rpm, 851 hp @ 5050 rpm. ( At 5500 rpm exhaust pressure was 7 psi higher than boost pressure )
2018 Test and tune, Hudik.

60 ft = 1.54 seconds.
1/8 mile = 6.34 seconds @ 186 km/h (116 mph).
2020 New chromoly half shafts with safety loops.
In june I went to Sättna raceway for a no prep cash day. 29 cars.

Old and new modifications:

cam stock L83 CompCams 12-404-04 Crane Cams 113841
Lobe Center Angle
Intake centerline
Intake duration @ 0.050
Exaust duration @ 0.050
Intake lift
Exhaust lift
Hydraulic flat tappet
Hydraulic flat tappet
Mechanical flat tappet

heads stock 350 L83 iron #462624 AFR 190
chamber size 76cc 74cc
Intake valve size 1.94" 2.02"
Exhaust valve size 1.50" 1.60"
Intake port size 158cc 190cc
Exhaust port size 64cc
Intake / Exhaust
- / -
44 / 41
101 / 82
155 / 125
182 / 137
196 / 140
- / -
- / -
Intake / Exhaust
- / -
- / -
129 / 108
195 / 156
240 / 178
260 / 190
262 / 192
262 / 194

1986 Z51 Corvette wheels.
All emissions stuff removed.
Dana 44 with 3.45 gearing. (38 teeth on the ring gear and 11 teeth on the pinion gear.)
4L80E transmission.
Precision Industries 9.5" Vigilante Converter with multi disc lockup clutch.
Garrett TBP7501 turbo. Compressor: 75mm inducer, 102mm exducer, 0.75 A/R. Turbine: 98mm inducer, 87mm exducer, 1.26 A/R.
Home built turbo headers
Custom exhaust.
Holley Stealth Ram modified to clear the stock hood.
Twin BOSCH '0 580 254 984' fuel pumps and a surge tank in the rear right fender.
120 lbs injectors.
SX fuel pressure regulator.
K&N air-filter.
24" x 12" x 4" front mount intercooler.
HKS style 50mm wastegate.
MSD 6AL and Blaster2 coil
NGK BKR6E spark plugs
Fleetguard LF3488 Oil filter
Dart Little M engine block, 350 mains and 4.125" bore
AFR 190 aluminum heads.
Manley Severe Duty Series Stainless Steel exhaust Valves
Cometic multi-layer Steel head gasket
Crane Cams 113841
6.125" Howards Cams Direct Lube Extreme-Duty Mechanical Lifters
CompCams 1412-16 magnum roller rocker arms
JE HNS Hardened Nitrous Series Piston Rings
Forged SRP Inverted Dome pistons
6.125" Howards Cams Ultimate Duty Forged Billet Connecting Rods
Lunati Sledgehammer Crankshaft with 3.48" stroke
Milodon Road Race Oil Pan
Fluidampr Harmonic Damper

4.125" Bore
3.48" Stroke
9.00" Deck height
TDC 0.01" under deck
0.04" compressed head gasket thickness
74cc head chambers
16cc piston dish
8.54:1 Static Compression Ratio
1.76 Rod length/Stroke Ratio
1.185 Bore/Stroke Ratio
3.72 CUI, 6097cc

These are pictures of my corvette modifications:


AIR-Pump removal

Moving the Alternator

New rear exhaust and mufflers

First try with my new Vortech
supercharger ... Will it fit in there?


Trying to figure out how to design
the bracket for the Vortech

Making the bracket with a CNC mill

Testing the new bracket

Vortech in place with updated
bracket design

Modified the swirl plates

Modifying TBI's for boost

Oil supply to the supercharger,
and back to the pan

New first half of the exhaust

Air filter and dump valve

Air box under construction

After first test with boost

Installed a 92 (LT1) fuel pump

My th700r4 only lasted half a day
with the new fuel pump

And some more fuel pressure

Boost and Air/Fuel gauges

The Dana 36 gave up on me ...
Time for Dana 44


Rebuilding the engine.
New rings, berings. Crank balansed. AFR 190 heads.

Rebuilding the engine.
New rings, berings. Crank balansed. AFR 190 heads.

Supercharger bearing failure.
New berings ...

Stealth Offenhauser

Found some unused lamps in the dash ...
Had to do something with them!

Modifying the th700r4 to stay in fourth during WOT


knock indicator LED

Fan housing


Installing a 4L80E instead of the th700r4.


Installing the Haltech E6K and the TCI T-Com.

Building a new 3" Exhaust

HSR modification

My turbo project



Big brakes

Fuel supply

MSD Ignition


Bigger turbo

Building a new 3" Exhaust

A minor engine malfunction


Dart Little M


Building a new engine


More fuel


More exhaust

Motor in place again






Air filter duct


New wastegate