Home Corvette modifications


I did a new modification, and it turned out pretty good. I opened up the info panel and removed the front. This is all the texts on it. If anyone want's to install carbs it is a CHOKE light there too. I have never seen CHOKE, FASTEN BELTS or OVERDRIVE ENGAGED on mine.

The OVERDRIVE ENGAGED uses two bulbs.

I put a screen between them so that I got one OVERDRIVE bulb and one ENGAGED bulb.

I bougt some spare lamp holders and solderd wires on them. I connected one side of the lams to the pink wire that has 12V when the ignition is on.

By grounding the other wires I could illuminate the OVERDRIVE and ENGAGED.

I connected ENGAGED to pin 19 on the ECM white connector (TCC) and OVERDRIVE to pin 6 on the ECM black connector (4th gear)

ENGAGED worked great but the OVERDRIVE light was invered, so I added a small relay to invert that signal.

Now they both work great!