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Upgrade fuel pump tp 92 (LT1) type

I checked with a local spare parts supplier, and this is the info I got.

84 17 psi 35 gallon

85-91 70 psi 16 gallon

92-96 70 psi 33 gallon

As you see they doubled the capasity for the 92 and newer (LT1). I bought a fuel pump for a 92 Corvette. It was an easy installation. The only difference was how the wires connected to the pump. I solderd them because I did not have the right connector for the 92 pump.

With the stock fuel pump the engine just died at 3000 rpm. The pump must deliver boost pressure + differential pressure over the injector. When the boost started to build the pressure dropped over the injector. With the new pump the engine would rev almost to 4000 before becoming too lean. What an improvement from a fuel pump change! Next thing to do is to add a progressive fuel pressure regulator. That will add fuel under boost.